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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I find a particular pub?

Try entering some location details such as postcode or town in the search field. If the pub you're looking for still cannot be found then try unchecking the "Real Ale Available" filter in the search results, in case the pub is flagged as not selling real ale in our records. If the pub you're looking for still cannot be found then the chances are its missing, perhaps because it is a new pub.

All entries in whatpub.com come from local branches and the work of volunteers, many who are still surveying details of their pubs. If you would like to know when their surveying will be complete, or to offer to help with the surveying, please contact your local branch.

Q. Why can't I find clubs or places that don't serve real ale?

When viewing search results, toggle the options down the site for "Pubs Only" and/or for "Real Ale Available".

Q. The details of the pub are wrong

If you are a CAMRA member, please pass the details of the updates on to the local CAMRA branch for the pub, which is very easy to do - just click on Submit Updates, complete the update form, and your updates will be sent by email to a local CAMRA branch officer. It would also be great if you would volunteer to help survey it for us.

Q. What are the beer scores used for and how do I enter one?

Beer scores are entered by CAMRA members and are used by CAMRA branches in order to help select the best pubs for the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. To submit a beer score, simply join CAMRA and as a member you will be given a login that you can use to access additional features on whatpub.com.

Q. How can I edit my beer scores?

Editing scores on whatpub.com will be coming soon, but in the meantime you can head over to pubzilla.camra.org.uk/beerscoring and use the 'Score' tab in the main navigation to edit your scores.

Q. How do I find pubs that serve the best beer?

whatpub.com is a comprehensive pub guide and not an online version of the Good Beer Guide. To find the pubs that serve the best real ale, get the Good Beer Guide book or mobile application.

Q. Why doesn't the site have a comments section so that I can view details such as beer quality?

whatpub.com is under continual development and additional features will be rolled out in due course – so watch this space!

Q. Why isn't there a whatpub.com app for my smartphone?

whatpub.com already uses a mobile friendly website that works great on most smartphones and tablets. CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide app is free to download and contains information published in whatpub.com

Q. Where can I find the terms and conditions for scoring beers?

Terms and conditions for submitting NBSS scores can be found here.

Q. Why is the advertisement showing keg beer / wine / TVs etc?

Advertisements displayed do not in any way reflect a particular affiliation with the CAMRA brand. They are chosen by Google’s software which bases the choice on  the individual user’s previous browsing history. No personal information is sent by CAMRA to Google.

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