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What's whatpub.com all about?

For a number of years, people have been asking why CAMRA as the UK's largest and most influential pub-going consumer organisation doesn't have its own online pub guide. Well now it does.

You can use whatpub.com to search for pubs across the UK and then look up opening times, descriptions, facilities and of course details of the real ale and cider on offer. Being an online guide means that extra functions such as additional text for descriptions, photos and live map data are also available.

Isn't this just the Good Beer Guide online?

Lots of people have been asking this, but the answer is no, but does naturally complement the Guide.

When you search for pubs on whatpub.com you will not see just Good Beer Guide pubs, and there is no way of searching specifically for Good Beer Guide pubs - so you will still need the book or Mobile App (coming later) to find the very best real ale pubs.

How it all started...

CAMRA's online pub guide is the result of an immense amount of work by volunteers and staff.

A decision was made at the start to acknowledge the local expertise of CAMRA members, which is why the pub details and descriptions that appear on whatpub.com come from CAMRA branches. 150,000 volunteers have an input into WhatPub and this is what makes CAMRA's pub guide so different (and we would say better) from other online pub guides.

CAMRA volunteers are key in finding out all the important things we need to know about pubs, including opening times, location and real ales served as well as other information that goes beyond what we use for the CAMRA Good Beer Guide such as photos.

But we're not there yet...

Our aim is to get every pub in the UK listed and regularly updated on whatpub.com with all entries complete with up to date information such as descriptions and photos.

To help us on our way, we would like to invite you to help us improve our site. You can do this in a number of ways from rating beer quality to carrying out a survey for your local CAMRA branch. Your first step is to become a CAMRA member.

If you have any questions please get in touch, but do read the frequently asked questions first.


Team whatpub.com

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